Hunter® UltraScan VIS





The Hunter® UltraScan VIS model is a benchtop, reflectance/transmittance spectrophotometer with sphere geometry that connects to ColorTec's advanced ColorSoft® Software

Versatile -The UltraScan® VIS has available sample measurement accessories designed to hold virtually any type of solid or liquid sample for accurate and repeatable measurements.


  • Measures full CIE recommended spectral wavelength range of 360 nm to 780 nm
  • Color measurement of liquids and solids; also transmission haze
  • Large transmission compartment open on three sides
  • Automatic specular included/excluded port door for multimode measurement
  • Two reflectance measurement areas of 25 mm (1.00 inch) and 9.5 mm (0.38 inch)
  • Ergonomic sample clamp for supporting a
  • Xenon light source provides stability and extra long life
  • Dual beam design ensures precision measurements over the entire spectral range
  • Ergonomic design features adjustable sample clamp for precise positioning of a wide range of samples
  • Full Formulation & Batch Correction with ColorSoft® Software


Measuring Geometry  Sphere d/8 specular include (spin), sphere d/8  specular exclude (spex) 
Transmission Path  up to 80 mm
Measuring Area LAV 25.4mm,  SAV 6.5mm
Light Source Xenon flash (1,000,000 flashes minimum life)
Detector 256 element scanned diode array
Spectral Range 360nm - 780nm
Wavelength Resolution <3nm
Wavelength Interval  10 nm
Wavelength Accuracy 0.l nm
Photometric Range 0-200% reflectance & transmittance
Short Term Repeatabilty .03 Delta E max  (20 measurements over white tile after 30 min. warm up) 
Power 100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz, single phase
Operating Temp. Range 50F - 104F  (10 - 40C)
Weight 45 lbs  (20.4 Kg)
Dimensions 11"H  x  16.5"W   x  19.6"D ( 27.9cm x 42cm  x  49.8cm)
Warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Specifications and design subject to change without notice