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    pcm 2009 model

    The ColorTec PCM+ is a low-cost, hand-held analyzer that uses stable, super bright LED's as the light source


    Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Simple operation, gives quick pass/fail readings and gathers data - all at the push of a button
    Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Use portably or connect to ColorSoft® QCW Software  for advanced data analysis
    Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Save up to 1000 Measurements, upload & download data to PC

    Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes)

    Small, medium or large aperture for specialized applications. Choose the 3mm model for small targets & graphic art applications, the 10mm model for hard surfaces such as paint,plastics, and coated material, or the 20mm model for measuring foods, cosmetics, and textured materials



    pcm models




    3,10, or 20 mm aov reflectance colorimeter

    Spectral range

    400 to 700 nm


    0.1 ΔE standard deviation (20 measurements on a gray sample)

    Measuring geometry

    3mm & 10mm 45/0 -  20mm Diffuse

    Measuring time approx. 1/10 second
    Measurements per battery approx 10,000


    8 Lines, 15 characters LCD

    Light source

    Light Emitting Diode (LED) array (14 LEDs in 6 spectral bands)

    LED life

    Lifetime warranty

    Storage temp

    -6° to 125°F (-21° to 52°C)

    Operating temperature

    65° to 105°F (18° to 41°C)

    Weight 3.35 Oz (95 Grams)


    5 x 2.25 x 1.25 (Inches) 127 x 57 x 32 (mm)


    9 Volt battery or USB Power

    Inter-instrument agreement

    Less than 0.5 ΔE standard deviation on selected color samples (10 measurements averaged)

    Specifications and design subject to change without notice