ColorSoft QCW for Windows

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The ColorSoft QCW  program packs all of the color quality control tools needed for industrial applications in an economical package.  Use the QCW program in conjunction with the ColorTec PCM/PSM  color instruments for a cost effective  flexible system.

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Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Quick PASS/FAIL decisions & color comparisons
      in an easy to use program.

Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Upload Standards or Download measurements
     taken on the plant floor  with ColorTec portable 

Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Create Color Libraries for automatic closest-color

Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Extensive reports include industry-specific indices
     such as density, brightness, whiteness, yellowness,
     & contrast ratio.

Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Complete Standard Tolerancing capabilities includes
     CMC elliptical tolerancing.

Sph0081.gif (1442 bytes) Contains the most common color spaces/scales &

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ColorSoft is a registered trademark of ColorTec Associates, Inc., other manufacturer's trade marks acknowledged; the software is licensed for use of a single computer to the original purchaser, multiple instruments are allowed.